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75 EUR bonus for opening a comdirect account

Hurry up! This deal is only valid until January 23rd.

Open a comdirect bank account and get 75 Euros!

The year is almost over… And for a great start into the new year comdirect has launched an awesome deal: Open a comdirect bank account and earn a bonus of 75 EUR! Want to know how to get your bonus? It’s really simple… just follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the comdirect website
  2. Open your bank account
  3. Once your bank account is active, use Google Pay and/or Apple Pay with your comdirect account within the first three months for at least three times
  4. That’s it!

To qualify for the bonus you must not have had a comdirect bank account in the last six months.

The comdirect account itself is completely free of charge. Here are the main advantages of the account:

  • Completely free of charge. No monthly/annual fees.
  • Free Visa credit card and giropay debit card
  • Free cash withdrawals worldwide

For more details check our comprehensive comparison of German bank accounts.

Get your 75 EUR bonus now!


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