hanseatic bank genialcard visa credit card

GenialCard VISA with improved conditions

Hanseatic Bank GenialCard VISA – one of the best credit cards on the German market

hanseatic genialcard visa card free of chargeHanseatic Bank has recently improved the conditions of their GenialCard VISA credit card. This is now definitely one of the best credit card offerings on the German market! There is no annual fee for the credit card nor any charges for withdrawing cash from ATMs and there are also no foreign exchange fees (e.g. for non-Euro payments). Furthermore you have the possibility to have the credit card balance deducted from your bank account automatically on a monthly basis. Hence you won’t run into problems because you have forgotten to balance out our credit card account. Another nice feature is that you can use Apple Pay with the GenialCard and of course the card comes with contactless payment.

Here are the conditions of the GenialCard VISA credit card at a glance:

Hanseatic Bank GenialCard VISA

   Completely free of charge – no monthly or annual fees
   No foreign transaction fees – pay in any currency without paying exchange fees
   Cash withdrawals free of charge
   Automatic deduction of monthly bill from bank account
   Contactless payment & Apple Pay supported

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