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Mobile Deal #1: Samsung Galaxy S9 + Allnet Flat 8 GB for 24.99 EUR/month

This deal is valid until December 21st, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 64 GB + Allnet Flat 8 GB for 24.99 EUR/month

Tadaaaa! Here is our first mobile deal! Here are the details:

mobile deal samsung galaxy s9

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 64 GB for only 139 EUR
  • Allnet flat (phone & text messages) and 8 GB data included (LTE speed 21.6 Mbit/s)
  • Vodafone network (one of the best networks in Germany)
  • 24.99 EUR/month
  • 24 months contract duration
  • 19.99 EUR activation fee

Totalling up the costs this means:
139 EUR + 24 x 24.99 EUR + 19.99 EUR = 758.75 EUR

If you consider the current price of approx. 500 EUR for the Samsung S9 on Amazon, this means your mobile plan with an allnet flat and 8 GB data in the Vodafone network only costs you approx. 260 EUR over two years, equaling approx. 10.80 EUR/month only.

Get your bundle now!


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