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Spotlight on: Commerzbank bank accounts

A closer look at the Commerzbank bank accounts

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Essential information about Commerzbank accounts – a guide for foreigners in Germany

Whether you’ve relocated to Germany for work or studies, you’ll most certainly need a German bank account: a Commerzbank account, for example. Choosing a Commerzbank account is common among both exchange students and expats in Germany, as Commerzbank is one of the largest banks in the country. Commerzbank has a 150 year-old-history, as it was founded by merchants and bankers in 1870. Today, Commerzbank serves both private customers and small businesses, as well as corporations. Privacy standards, sustainability, and digitalization are top priorities for the bank today, making Commerzbank accounts an ideal choice for the conscious customer.

Commerzbank Basic
0 €per month
  • Free of charge if you receive at least 700 EUR/month
  • Online banking in English & German
  • Free debit & credit card
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
Commerzbank Klassik
4.90 €per month
  • Free Mastercard Debit
  • Free deposits & withdrawals at counter
Commerzbank Premium
12.90 €per month
  • Two additional Premium credit cards
  • Travel insurance for your familiy

The basics of your free Commerzbank account

When you’re looking to open up an account, you’ll find several Commerzbank accounts to choose from. A free, Basic Commerzbank account, however, is a good starting point. The Basic Commerzbank account is a private account, which is completely free of charge when a minimum of 700 € is deposited monthly. If you just arrived in Germany, there is no need to worry though: the monthly minimum deposit only comes into effect after you’ve used your Commerzbank account for two months. Even without such regular deposits, you can keep your Commerzbank account for 9.90 €/month. Commerzbank accounts are free from custodian fees unless you reach a balance of 100,000 € on your account.

The Basic Commerzbank accounts combine the best of both the offline and the online world. After signing up for the Basic Commerzbank account, you’ll receive a debit card and can withdraw cash at any Commerzbank or Cash Group ATMs, free of charge. This is essential for anyone who’s recently arrived in Germany, as some stores, restaurants, and bars only accept cash payments. With a Basic Commerzbank account, you can also contact the 24/7 customer service by phone, as well as get personal service in the Commerzbank offices, which often provide services also in English.

Your Commerzbank account additionally comes with several digital features.  Your Commerzbank account is accessible through online banking, conveniently available in English, thus perfect for any new resident or international citizen. The Commerzbank accounts also include both Apple Pay and Google Pay. Your account statements are available online and you can easily conduct online transfers and payments yourself, from the comfort of your home. International money transfers are available from your Commerzbank account as well.

Even though your Basic Commerzbank account comes with several features, you can easily upgrade your Basic Commerzbank account to a “Klassik” or “Premium” version. The Klassik Commerzbank account doesn’t require a minimum deposit and grants you a Mastercard Debit for a monthly fee of 4.90 €. Several other services are also included with this Commerzbank account, such as free deposits and withdrawals at the counter in any Commerzbank office. The Premium Commerzbank account, for 12.90 €/month, adds two credit cards and insurance for your family travels, for example.

Opening a Commerzbank account is easy and can be done completely online. You start the process of opening your Commerzbank account by filling out and submitting a short online form (find here a manual on how to fill out the form). Once you’ve completed the form, you can prove your identity through a video chat or through PostIdent, an identification service offered by the German post. You can also visit one of the branch offices, either to prove your identity or open the Commerzbank account in person. After you’ve successfully opened your Commerzbank account, you’ll receive your debit card and access to online banking in the mail.

Is a Commerzbank account right for you?

For expats and international students, German bureaucracy can be challenging. Opening a bank account doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time, though. Opening your Commerzbank account can easily be done in one of the branch offices, through English-speaking customer service, or online. With a minimum monthly deposit of 700 €, you don’t pay any additional fees for your Commerzbank account. Commerzbank accounts also give you several features, such as free debit cards and withdrawals from the bank’s ATMs. Commerzbank accounts combine digital and in-person services and your basic Commerzbank account can be upgraded to a Klassik or Premium version when needed.

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