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Dog Liability Insurance – in German “Hundehaftpflichtversicherung” – What is it?

Last update: 25 February 2023

At some point after moving to Germany, you will reach a point where you  instinctively ask yourself: “wait, is there insurance for this as well?”. Hundehaftpflichtversicherung translates to “Dog liability insurance” or “pet liability insurance” and it’s insurance you should definitely consider getting if you are a dog owner in Germany.

Why do I need this insurance?

In Germany, you are liable for any damage or harm you cause to other people or their property – even if by accident. That’s why over 80% of Germans have liability insurance; it covers you for when clumsiness gets the best of you.

When it comes to dogs, you are also liable for whatever trouble your puppy cause. Unfortunately, liability insurance does not cover you in these cases. For that, you need a separate insurance!

Keep in mind that in many German states, like Berlin, Brandenburg, and Hamburg, dog owners are required to have this insurance!

What Does the Insurance Cover?

Dog Liability insurance is extremely similar to personal liability insurance. In short, Hundehaftpflichtversicherung covers the following:

  • Medical Injuries: In case your dog bites or knocks someone over
  • Broken objects: If items or property is damaged or destroyed by your dog
  • Financial loss: This insurance also covers any losses that your dog causes others when you’re not looking.

Best Dog Liability Insurances in Germany

2.40 €per month
  • Service available in English
  • Completely online
  • Worldwide coverage
  • 15 EUR bonus for the first year
5.75 €per month
  • For all dog breeds
  • Completely online

Best Dog Liability Insurances in Germany – Detailed Overview


getsafe liability insurance germanyIn addition to their popular personal liability insurance, Getsafe also offers a dog liability insurance. They are 100% digital and offer everything in English, including customer support and claims. Monthly rates are starting at 2.50 EUR and you can cancel your subscription at any time. You enjoy worldwide coverage and claims up to 20 million EUR are covered. You can choose the amount of additional payments (“Selbstbeteiligung”) when signing up (0, 150 or 300 EUR). The only disadvantage is the fact that some dog breeds cannot be insured (e.g. pitbull terriers)

  Insurance starting from just 2.50 EUR/month
   Manage your insurance policy completely online (no paperwork)
   No fixed duration, can be cancelled at any time
   Service available in English
  Some dog breeds cannot be insured (e.g. pitbull terriers)

[SPECIAL OFFER] Currently you get a 15 EUR bonus for the first year when you order your Getsafe insurance policy via germanymore

Getsafe Dog Liability Insurance

helden liability insuranceLike Getsafe, not only offers a private liability insurance, but also a liability insurance for dogs. Monthly rates are starting at just 5.75 EUR and liability claims up to 50 milion EUR are covered (additional payment 150 EUR “Selbstbehalt”). The disadvantages are that they only offer their services in German and the minimum contract duration of one year.

 Insurance for 5.75 EUR/month
  Manage your insurance policy completely online (no paperwork)
  Minimum contract duration of one year
  Additional payment (“Selbstbehalt”) of 150 EUR per claim
  Only available in German (however good English-speaking customer service) Dog Liability Insurance

Summary – Dog Liability Insurance Germany

As you can see from the above comparison, dog liability insurance policies are relatively inexpensive. At the same time it covers a lot of the risks in your everyday life with your dog. Therefore it’s definitely worth thinking about this kind of insurance in Germany.

So matter if you are looking for dog insurance Germany, pet insurance Germany, dog health insurance Germany or a dog liability insurance Berlin, this article offers the best providers. Of course you should not forget to sign up for a private liability insurance, as this is insurance is an absolute must-have.

Disclaimer: This article reflects my personal opinion about the above mentioned insurance providers and their offered policies. I am not giving insurance advice nor am I working for the above mentioned companies. However the article contains affiliate links, meaning I earn a commission if you use those links.

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