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Home Contents Insurance Germany (Hausratversicherung) – Protect your stuff!

Home Contents Insurance Germany

Last update: 25 February 2023

Unlike the private liability insurance, the home contents insurance in Germany is not an absolute must-have… However it is definitely an insurance that you should have. Wondering what this home contents insurance, or in German “Hausratversicherung”, is about and why you should get one? Don’t worry… below you will find a brief summary of the most important facts about home contents insurance in Germany as well as an overview of insurance providers that offer a great value for money. So let’s get started!

What is Home Contents Insurance or “Hausratversicherung”?

Simply put, a home contents insurance in Germany helps you to protect your possessions from robbery/theft, vandalism, water damages, fire damages and/or storm damages. Here are some examples to illustrate what is covered:

  • Somebody breaks into your apartment and steals your laptop and TV, or even worse also damages your furniture whilst searching for valuable goods. This can easily go into thousands of Euros…
  • There is a fire in your house/apartment. No need to explain what that means…
  • Your washing machine has a defect and floods your apartment, damaging your electronic devices and your furniture. This can also get very expensive!
  • There’s a heavy storm that devastates your apartment. The damages to your personal goods would also be covered by a home contents insurance.

You get why it’s worthwhile to have this building and contents insurance, right? 😉 In a nutshell this is what is covered in a home contents insurance in Germany:

  • Electronic devices (e.g. laptop, TV, iPad, etc.)
  • Furniture (incl. carpets and decoration items)
  • Clothing, shoes & accessories
  • Valuables (e.g. jewelry or cash)

Good Insurance Providers

Below you will find a summary of home contents insurance providers in Germany that offer good value for money and are easy to deal with.

2.99 €per month (starting from)
  • Service in English
  • Gross negligence covered
  • Can be cancelled daily
  • Completely online
  • 15 EUR bonus for the first year
2.33 €per month (starting from)
  • Service in English
  • Completely online
  • Can be cancelled daily
1.79 €per month (starting from)
  • Completely online
  • Can be cancelled daily

Home Contents Insurance Germany – Detailed Overview


getsafe home contents insurance germanyGetsafe is an insurtech that was founded in 2014. It is their mission to provide insurance services completely online. Forget about paper-based processes, with Getsafe you can easily manage your insurance policy digitally via the Getsafe app.  The home content insurance in Germany covers damages caused by storm, fire, water and burglary and starts at 2.99 EUR/month. Gross negligence is covered and there is a worldwide protection. You can add optionally upgrades for bike theft and glass damages. You can easily get your Getsafe home contents insurance online within 5 minutes and their website/app is available in both English and German.

   Home contents insurance starting at 2.99 EUR/month
   Service available in both English & German
   Optional bike theft & glass upgrade

   Manage your insurance policy via app
   No fixed duration, can be cancelled at any time

[SPECIAL OFFER] Currently you get a 15 EUR bonus for the first year when you order your Getsafe home contents insurance policy via germanymore

Getsafe Home Contents Insurance


Feather LogoBerlin-based insurance company Feather offers a home contents insurance policy starting at 2.33 EUR/month. The big advantage of Feather is the fact that you can sign up and manage your insurance policy completely online and you can cancel your contract at anytime. It covers damages caused by water, fire and vandalism and your items are also covered when you are moving (i.e. both apartments are temporarily covered until you’re in the new apartment). You can customize your home contents insurance with add-ons such as bike theft, broken glass, negligence and moving expenses. Needless to say, that they of course offer their service in English.

   Home contents insurance starting at just 2.33 EUR/month
   Service and support available in English
   Optional bike theft, glass, negligence & moving expenses upgrade

   Manage your insurance policy completely online (no paperwork)
   No fixed duration, can be cancelled at any time

Feather Home Contents Insurance


friday home contents insurance germanyFRIDAY is an insurance provider that started in 2017 with a digital-first approach for car insurances. The company acts like a startup, but is backed by the renowned Swiss insurance company Baloise Group. Recently FRIDAY has added a home contents insurance to their product offering. Rates are starting from 1.79 EUR/month and you can easily sign up online. The FRIDAY home contents insurance covers damages caused by fire, water, storm & hail and burglary and also covers gross negligence. Additionally you can upgrade your insurance policy with a protection against bike theft or glass damages. In summary one of the best home contents insurances in Germany in terms of value for money, with the only downside that the website and their customer service are only available in German.

   Home contents insurance starting at just 1.79 EUR/month
   Optional bike theft & glass upgrade

   Manage your insurance policy completely online (no paperwork)
   No fixed duration, can be cancelled at any time
   Service only available in German

FRIDAY Home Contents Insurance

What does this insurance not cover?

Non-insured items in the home contents insurance in Germany are:

  • Motor vehicles and their trailers including their parts and accessories, such as stored tires, roof racks, jet bags, etc.
  • Household effects of subtenants
  • Building components
  • Watercraft and aircraft, including their parts and accessories. (Canoes, rowing boats, folding boats, and inflatable boats including the motors, parachutes, and paragliders. Surfing equipment and flying kites without motors, on the other hand, are also insured).
  • Furs and jewelry for which a separate insurance policy (valuables insurance) has been taken out.
  • Valuables in vacation or weekend homes.
not covered by home contents insurance
cost of home contents insurance

What is the cost per year?

It is common to pay the cost of home contents insurance per year. The amount is usually not high so that a one-time payment is well financially manageable.

How much you have to pay for your household contents insurance per year depends on many individual factors and the chosen tariff. The amount can therefore not be predicted in general. In the case of home contents insurance, even the average cost is not very meaningful, because the ranges are very large. The cost of home contents insurance in Germany for an apartment or a house with 120 square meters of living space starts at around 50 euros – but often they offer little value for money.

In some areas and depending on the provider, you can pay around 500 euros a year. Due to these large differences, a comparison is worthwhile in any case – both in terms of the price and the services included in the tariff. Here we tell you what you should look out for in a home contents insurance policy.

What does contents insurance cost per month?

Not every insurer offers a monthly payment plan. If this option is available, however, many insurance companies add something to the monthly statement and the premiums become higher. For the example mentioned with 120 square meters, the costs per month for your household insurance can be less than 10 euros – depending on the individual offer.

Is this insurance necessary in Germany?

When asking the question “home contents insurance in Germany yes or no?”, it is important to remember that even if damage to household contents often does not threaten the existence, it can still result in high costs. Those who do not have their own household and are co-insured through their parents probably do not need household insurance. And those who do not have their own household contents naturally do not need insurance for them either. For all others, contents insurance may be worthwhile if they cannot easily afford to buy additional furniture, electrical appliances, clothing, etc.

When taking out insurance, it is important that the sum insured is set to fit your budget. An underinsurance waiver should be agreed with the insurer so that the damage is paid in full even if it exceeds the specified sum insured. In addition, some insurers also offer to cover damage caused by gross negligence.

is home contents insurance neccesary
best dynamic home contents insurance in Germany

Does dynamic home contents insurance make sense?

In this context, “dynamic” means that the sum insured of your house contents insurance increases by a certain amount every year. The increase corresponds to the annual price increase rate calculated by the Federal Statistical Office (Statistisches Bundesamt). It makes sense to dynamically adjust the sum insured if the value of your furnishings has increased to such an extent that the sum insured can no longer guarantee complete replacement. However, if your insurance company in Germany wants to make this adjustment, you can also object and thus suspend it for one year.

Summary – Home Contents Insurance Germany

No matter if you are looking for laptop insurance Germany, house insurance Germany, gadget insurance Germany, household insurance Germany or home contents insurance Germany, this article has the right provider for you. As you can see, a home contents insurance in Germany is a component in your insurance portfolio that definitely makes sense as it protects your personal items in your apartment (and outside, e.g. your bike) at a reasonable price. For more information on other insurances, like health, liability or even dog insurance, you will find help on our website as well.


Disclaimer: This article reflects my personal opinion about the above mentioned insurance providers and their offered policies. I am not giving insurance advice nor am I working for the above mentioned companies. However the article contains affiliate links, meaning I earn a commission if you use those links.

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