How to open a Deutsche Bank account

Step-by-Step Manual for Opening a Deutsche Bank account

Last update: 17 December 2020

In this step-by-step manual I will show you how to open a Deutsche Bank account. Opening your Deutsche Bank account only takes seven minutes and is very easy, so let’s get started!

[DOWNLOAD] You can also download this manual as a PDF so that you can access it offline or print it

Go to the Deutsche Bank website

If you are a student and 30 years or younger you can open the Deutsche Bank “Das Junge Konto” which is free of charge:

If you are not a student or older than 30 years you can open the Deutsche Bank AktivKonto for 5.90 EUR/month:

First Page

  1. Select if you are a new customer (Nein, noch nicht) or an existing customer (Ja, ich bin Kunde)
  2. Select if you would like to open a single bank account (Ich möchte ein Einzelkonto eröffnen) or if you would like to open a joint bank account (Wir möchten ein Gemeinschaftskonto eröffnen)
  3. If you see the question “Arbeiten Sie als Selbstständiger”, select if you are self-employed (Ja) or if you are not self-employed (Nein)
Second Page – Account Type

On the second page you will see a summary of the conditions of the selected bank account (so either the free “Das Junge Konto” for students that are 30 years or younger or the “AktivKonto” for 5.90 EUR/month).

  1. First of all select if you would like to request an extra line of credit (by default Nein – No). This means you can go below zero with your bank account for a limited time at a certain interest rate (approx. 10-12% interest rate). If you go for an extra line of credit (Ja – Yes)  you can specify the amount 100-500 EUR. Your extra line is of course dependent on your credit worthiness.
  2. In the second step select the cards you would like to have. By default the Deutsche Bank account comes with a debit card. However you can add credit cards to your bank account for the annual fees specified.
  3. Select if you use the bank account as your salary account (Ich benutze dieses Konto als Gehaltskonto)
  4. Select if you would like to activate the “Finanzplaner”. This is a functionality provided by Deutsche Bank that classifies your monthly income and your expenses so that you can easily keep track of your financial status. This is optional and you can either tick the box or leave it unticked.
  5. Select if you would like to receive regular information about current offers from Deutsche Bank either by email (Ja, per E-Mail) or by phone (Ja, per Telefon). This is optional.
Third Page – Personal Data

  1. Select your gender (Frau – woman or Herr – man)
  2. Akad. Titel: Academic Title (Dr. / Prof. / Prof. Dr.), this is optional
  3. Vorname: Enter your first name(s) here as stated on your ID/passport
  4. Nachname: Enter your last name as stated on your ID/passport
  5. Geburtsname: Enter your maiden name as stated on your ID/passport (if applicable)
  6. Familienstand: Select your Family Status:
    • ledig: single
    • verheiratet, steuerlich zusammen veranlagt: married, jointly assessed for taxation
    • geschieden: divorced
    • verwitwet: widowed
    • ledig, eheähnliche Gemeinschaft: single, marriage-like relationship
    • verheiratet, getrennt lebend: married, living separately
    • verheiratet, steuerlich getrennt veranlagt: married, separately assessed for taxation
    • eingetragene Lebenspartnerschaft, steuerlich getrennt veranlagt: civil partnership, separately assessed for taxation
    • eingetragene Lebenspartnerschaft, steuerlich zusammen veranlagt: civil partnership, jointly assessed for taxation
    • eingetragene Lebenspartnerschaft, getrennt lebend: civil partnership, living separately
  7. Geburtsdatum: Enter your date of birth (Format: DD.MM.YYYY)
  8. Geburtsort: Enter your place of birth as stated on your ID/passport
  9. Staatsangehörigkeit: Select your citizenship
  10. If you have selected the “Das Junge Konto” for students 30 or younger you will have to specify in which year (Jahr) and quarter (Quartal) your education ends.
  11. You will also have to specify if you have any connections to the United States of America:
    • Ich wurde in den USA geboren: I was born in the USA
    • Ich besitze eine US-Staatsbürgerschaft: I have a US citizenship
  12. Select where you are a tax resident:
    • Ich bin ausschließlich in Deutschland steuerlich ansässig: I am only in Germany a tax resident. You can enter your German tax ID (optional)
    • Ich bin in Deutschland und in den folgenden Ländern steuerlich ansässig: I in Germany a tax resident and in the following countries
    • Ich bin nicht in Deutschland, sondern nur in folgenden Ländern außerhalb Deutschlands steuerlich ansässig: I am not a tax resident in Germany, but in the following countries outside of Germany
  13. Straße und Hausnummer: Enter your street and house number. The address has to be the one that is on your ID/proof of residence
  14. PLZ: Enter your postcode
  15. Ort: Enter your city
  16. Land: Select your country of residence
  17. Versandadresse: If you would like to receive your documents and debit card to a different address than specified above tick the box
  18.  Kontakt:
    • Mobilnummer: Enter your mobile number
    • E-Mail: Enter your email address
Fourth Page – Legal

  1. You agree to have read the information about the deposit protection
  2. You agree to open your Deutsche Bank account for yourself and not for another person
  3. Make sure to download the contract details
  4. By ticking this box you allow Deutsche Bank to check your credit history
  5. Make sure to download the overview of charges
Fifth Page – Prove your identity

On the fifth page you can choose which process you want to use to prove your identity:

You can choose between VideoIdent and PostIdent.

With VideoIdent you can prove your identity via videochat. You just need a device with webcam (laptop, smartphone, tablet) and your passport/ID. This is definitely the most convenient and fastest way to open your bank account. However in most cases it will only work if you have a German ID/passport or at least a passport/ID issued by the EU.

Therefore my recommendation is to use the second option PostIdent.  Just print out your Deutsche Bank contract, sign it and go to the next post office (Deutsche Post). There you will hand in your documents and your passport/ID will be checked. On the Deutsche Post website you can learn more about this procedure. Alternatively you can also go to a Deutsche Bank branch office. You can find the closest Deutsche Bank office here.

That’s it! Open your Deutsche Bank account now!

Should you have any problems or questions, just send me a message or leave a comment!

[DOWNLOAD] You can also download this manual as a PDF so that you can access it offline or print it

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  • What do I do after VideoIdent certification?I have not received any indication after videoldent.

    • Dear Yang,
      after successfully completing the VideoIdent process you should receive your card and login credentials from Deutsche Bank. This usually takes between 5-10 business days.

      Best Regards,

  • So I submitted all the application for the bank, I even got the debit card but I don’t understand how do I know my IBAN? How do I login into my online account. Am I supposed to get another mail?

    Additionally how do I know the branch number as well?

    • Dear Clive,
      you should receive several letters from Deutsche Bank. Usually it’s a letter with the debit card and a letter with the PIN for the debit card.
      In case you have proven your identity via VideoIdent, you should have seen your online banking login credentials after the identification process. Furthermore you will receive a letter for the photoTAN activation.

      You can find your branch number on your debit card. Below the signature field you should see a number. The first three digits are the branch number. Alternatively you can find the branch number in one of the letters you’ve received from Deutsche Bank.

      Best Regards,

    January 13, 2022 22:33

    I tried to open a bank account as a student, but it requires only German phone number (+49…) . As a new student I do not have a german phone number, only my home country’s. So it is not possible to open it online. Can you fix this problem?
    Or do I have to visit the bank on person?

  • Max keller
    July 14, 2021 00:09

    Thanks for good information. I wish to open an account at DB Frankfort for my USA company. Do they open accounts for USA companies?

  • This is extremely helpful. If my salary is deposited into DB in Germany is it possible to transfer those funds to my Bank in the USA?

    • Dear Marco,
      yes, it’s possible but there are usually quite high fees involved (e.g. for Deutsche bank around 30 EUR one-off fee and a variable fee of 1,5‰).
      It’s therefore recommendable to use one of the popular money transfer platforms such as Wise or CurrencyFair, as they offer international money transfers at considerably lower fees.

      Best Regards,


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