Insurances Germany Overview

Overview of the most important insurances in Germany

which insurances are important in germanyYou have just arrived in Germany and you’re already lost in the insurance jungle? Well… Germans tend to have an insurance for literally everything. There is for example the funeral costs insurance, an insurance policy that covers the costs for your own funeral. Isn’t that weird to insure yourself against something that happens after your death?! Hence recommendations about insurances in Germany from your friends or colleagues are sometimes a bit confusing and you end up being unsure what is necessary and what not. But don’t worry… we’ll guide you through the jungle and will show you which insurances in Germany are important for you.

Must-have Insurances

Private Liability Insurance

One of the most important insurances in Germany. It covers you in case you are held legally responsible for a negligent bodily injury or property damage.

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Health Insurance

Your health is the most important good in your life. Therefore it is vital to have a health insurance. You can choose between public and private health insurance.

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Car Insurance

If you own a car it is mandatory to have a car insurance in Germany. It covers all damages done by you while driving a car.

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Good-to-have Insurances

Home Contents Insurance

The home contents insurance covers all items that you have in your apartment/house in case they get damaged by fire or water or if they are stolen by a burglar.

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Legal Protection Insurance

The legal protection insurance covers all fees that you have to pay during a lawsuit (e.g. lawyer costs, court costs, etc.).  

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Life Insurance

Most likely you want to make sure that your partner will have enough resources to make a living in case you die. The life insurance covers exactly that.

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Dog Liability Insurance

You own a dog? Then you should think about a liability insurance for dogs which is similar to the private liability insurance.

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Pet Health Insurance

Your dog or cat gets sick or needs an urgent surgery? This can become quite costly… A pet health insurance will covers the costs.

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Disclaimer: This article reflects my personal opinion about insurances in Germany. I am not giving insurance advice nor am I working for any of the insurance companies presented in this or other articles. However the articles may contain affiliate links, meaning I earn a commission if you use those links.

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  • As an English Speaking person in Germany I want to find Public Liability Insurance to cover a Free Exhibition set up in woods that I own. Can anyone recommend a company. Unfortunately Gothaer who are my current insurers have not responded to an email sent a week ago.

  • Hello – I am looking for information on “Renter’s Insurance”. Insurance that protects me, if I damage something in the Rental House I live in.

    • Dear Eddie,
      damage to rented property is usually covered by a private liability insurance. If you look for example at the conditions of Coya or getsafe you will see that this is covered by their policies.

      Best Regards,

      Disclaimer: This is no legal/insurance advice.


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