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The most important facts about opening a Commerzbank account

Last update: 2 September 2021

faq commerzbank account opening

The Commerzbank bank account is one of the most popular bank accounts in Germany as it is for free (given that you receive at least 700 EUR/month) and easy to open. The account can be opened completely online. All you need to do, is to fill out the online application form and confirm your identity afterwards (via VideoIdent, PostIdent or in a Commerzbank branch).

However some of our readers have had questions in the past regarding the account opening process with Commerzbank. Therefore we have created this article that covers the most common questions. Should you have any questions that are not covered in this article, please feel free to reach out to us! We’re happy to answer your questions!

What are the main steps for opening a Commerzbank account?

  1. Online Application – Fill out the online application. You can define your user name and PIN for the online banking yourself. You will then see your new IBAN and your order confirmation.
  2. Your documents – After completing the application form, you can save your application and will immediately receive an email with all important documents.
  3. Confirm your identity – You can then verify your identity via VideoIdent, PostIdent or in a Commerzbank office. You will receive all the necessary information for the confirmation process by mail.
  4. photoTAN activation – After confirming your identity it usually takes 1-2 working days until you receive the letter for the activation of the photoTAN procedure. After this step your account is completely usable.
  5. PIN for your card – One day after confirming your identity, Commerzbank will send you the PIN for your Girocard.
  6. Your Girocard – Approx. four working days later your will receive your Girocard.

When can I use my online banking and the IBAN?

You can usually use your online banking and your IBAN 1-2 days after confirming your identity (once you have activated the photoTAN procedure – see above)

When can I use my Girocard?

You will receive your Girocard approx. one week after confirming your identity.

Which documents are required for opening a Commerzbank account?

You do not need any documents for the online application itself. However you need documents for confirming your identity. In most cases your ID or passport are sufficient for opening a Commerzbank account. However for some nationalities (e.g. India) further documents such as a resident permit are required. You will receive instructions on which documents to prepare for the identity confirmation after completing the online application.

What kinds of training certificates are accepted for the student account “StartKonto”?

The “StartKonto” is completely free of charge if you are not older than 27 years and if you can provide a training certificate. Training certificates from a university or an employer where you are currently completing your apprenticeship are accepted by Commerzbank. A confirmation from a language school is not sufficient.

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