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Which banks in Germany are supporting Google Pay?

Google Pay Germany – Which banks in Germany support Google Pay?

On June 26th, Google has finally introduced Google Pay in Germany. In this article I will show you how Google Pay works and which German banks are supporting Google Pay.

What is Google Pay and how does it work?

Google Pay is a mobile payment system enabling you to pay with your Android smartphone. It works quite similar to a credit card with a contactless payment functionality, with the difference that you can use your mobile phone to pay in stores instead of your credit card.

google pay germany contactless paymentThe only thing you need, in order to be able to use Google Pay is an Android smartphone with NFC (near field communication) functionality and a bank supporting Google Pay. In the Google Pay app on your smartphone you can then easily add your credit card to your digital wallet and use your smartphone to pay everywhere where you see the contactless payment symbol.

Which banks in Germany support Google Pay?

There are currently three major banks in Germany that support Google Pay. For a more detailed overview of the features and conditions of these bank accounts, check out this comparison of the best German bank accounts.


n26 google pay germanyN26 is the bank for the smartphone generation and therefore of course one of the first banks offering Google Pay in Germany. The bank account is free of charge and their banking app is one of the best on the market and also available in English.

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commerzbank google pay germanyCommerzbank is a traditional bank and of the oldest banks in Germany. Nevertheless they offer a modern service and are amongst the first banks in Germany offering Google Pay. The Commerzbank account is also free of charge with the only condition that you need to receive a payment of at least 0.01 EUR/month. One of the big advantages is, that they offer their services also in English. This includes branch offices, often with English-speaking staff.

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comdirect google pay germany

Last but not least we have comdirect. They are a subsidiary of Commerzbank focusing on the “online-only” market. comdirect is also on of the first banks in Germany supporting Google Pay. Their bank account is completely free of charge. The only minor drawback is the fact, that their online banking is only available in German.

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Over the next couple of months there will be hopefully more banks introducing Google Pay in Germany. Of course I will keep you up to date if there are any changes. Therefore just check this page from time to time.

For a more detailed description of the above mentioned bank accounts, check out this post.


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