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Spotlight on: Luko Pet Health Insurance

Luko: The best way to insure you four-legged friend

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About Luko

Luko LOgo

Luko, one of the fastest growing InsurTechs in Europe, headquartered in Paris, continues its dynamic expansion course and has merged with Coya, the German digital full-service insurer. Coya has seen strong growth with home, liability and pet insurance in Germany since its inception. Through the merger, the new Luko Group will act as a pan-European digital insurer, offering customers a variety of additional home-related services beyond just coverage. The merger with Coya AG makes the Luko Group one of the largest digital insurers in Europe, with over 200 employees and more than 300,000 policyholders.

The integration of Coya into Luko creates a pan-European brand that stands for absolute customer focus, sustainability and simplicity. Coya AG, as the risk carrier of the new group, will be renamed Luko Insurance AG and will retain its headquarters in Berlin; other Luko Group offices are in Paris and Madrid. As part of the merger, the entire team, including management, as well as Coya’s investors remain on board and become part of the Luko Group. Luko Group will invest heavily in the Berlin office, hiring more than 50 new employees to support German customers (claims and customer service representatives as well as sales team) and developers to expand the Luko platform.

Product offer: This protection awaits you and your pet with Luko

Luko – the health insurance for pets will cover pet owners if they are confronted with veterinary costs. A distinction is made between costs for surgical procedures and other veterinary costs. In principle, Luko covers 80% of the costs for unexpected, necessary surgical interventions for the four-legged friend. And this cover is valid worldwide. If the insured wants a deductible of 0%, it is possible to add on the reimbursement of veterinary costs, so there will be no costs at all.

The maximum amount Luko will cover for dogs and cats if they have to undergo surgery are…

  • €1,000 in the first 12 months after the start of the insurance (1st insurance benefit section);
  • The sum insured is €2,000 for the first 24 months after the start of the insurance (2nd insurance benefit section);
  • The sum insured from the first 24 months after the start of insurance is €20,000 (3rd insurance benefit section).

If necessary operations under general anesthesia are required, then Luko covers the veterinarian’s fee up to the 3-fold rate of the GOT (scale of fees for veterinarians), within the scope of an operation. In addition, the insurance includes the hospital stay after an operation (max. 20 days per insurance year) as well as necessary medication after an operation (max. 20 days per insurance year). In addition, there is protection abroad (12 months, worldwide), missing pet report in case of disappearance of the animal (up to 250 €) and euthanasia.

Co-insured is a one-time health lump sum for e.g. chip-implementation/tattooing, vaccinations, worming, flea and tick prophylaxis, dental prophylaxis, sterilization or castration.

There are some exceptions that are not covered by this insurance. For example, the following expenses, such as treatments started or recommended by a veterinarian before the policy was issued; surgeries to correct congenital, genetic or developmental anomalies are not covered. In addition, there are some exclusions that are not covered by this policy. Also not covered are surgeries to establish the relevant breeding or breed standard.

In addition, the insurer cannot credit general veterinary expenses, such as outpatient and inpatient medical treatment, necessary diagnostics such as X-rays, EKG, ultrasound, blood and tissue tests, urine and stool diagnostics, laser therapy, homeopathy and acupuncture, treatments for allergies through hyposensitization, chiropractic and osteopathy.

However, you can easily add the above exclusions with Luko’s “Veterinary Expenses Insurance” add-on.

If the pet owner has more than one pet, the question arises if Luko covers all pets under the insurance policy. But the answer is no. Only one pet can be covered per insurance policy. If the pet owner has more than one pet – no problem! For more pet-friendly protection, the pet owner can simply take out a separate insurance policy for his or her other furry friend via the Luko Dashboard – whether dog or cat.

Luko was founded because a lot of customers were fed up with complicated language, gagging contracts and paperwork. Everyone can really insure their pets with Luko in just a few minutes, view the Luko documents 24/7 online and cancel at any time.

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