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Barclaycard now supporting Google Pay

Currently you get a 50 EUR bonus for ordering a Barclaycard

Use Google Pay with your Barclaycard Visa Card

Good news! You can now add your Barclaycard to your Google Pay wallet and use your phone to pay in the supermarket, restaurants etc. This new feature that has been activated by Barclaycard recently, makes the Visa card a great choice. Here’s what you need to to do to add your Barclaycard to your Google Pay wallet:

  1. Order your Barclaycard
  2. Open the Google Pay app on your phone and scan your card (alternatively you can also enter the card details manually)
  3. Read and accept the terms & conditons
  4. Enter the confirmation code that you have received via SMS from Barclaycard
  5. Optional: Set up your Barclaycard as the default card in Google Pay

Once you have added the Barclaycard to your Google Pay wallet you can pay simply by holding your smartphone to the reader. For amounts under 50 euros, the switched-on display is already sufficient.

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