Best Travel Credit Card – Santander 1plus VISA

Hello again! 🙂 It’s been quite a while since my last blog post… But I was busy with work and then off to a well-deserved vacation where I spent some time traveling around in Colombia. On this trip the Santander 1Plus Visa card was my loyal travel companion. The VISA card from Santander bank, a Spanish bank that is already present on the German market since the early 2000s, is definitely the best travel credit card that you can find on the markt. But let me give you an overview about the advantages of this credit card.

Best Travel Credit Card – Santander 1plus VISA

best travel credit card santander 1plus visa card

The card is completely free of charge, meaning that there is no annual fee nor foreign transaction fees. This means that you can pay with this card in foreign currencies such as dollars or pesos without paying the usual fees of approx. 1.5% of the transaction value. Furthermore cash withdrawals are compbletely free of charge and with completely I mean really completely. Whereas other credit cards also offer the feature of cash withdrawals free of charge you usually still have to pay fees that are directly charged by the ATM (e.g. in the USA or Thailand). With the Santander 1plus card you also pay these fees in the first step. However once you receive your monthly credit card statement from Santander you just drop them a mail (to asking them to refund you the ATM fees. And this really works! I have tried it several times and they always refunded me the fees without a problem.

This means that you can use this card abroad (and of course in Germany) without paying any fees. In addition to that the Santander credit card offers a discount of 1% on fuel (for max. 400 EUR/month spent on fuel). You don’t need to use the card in combination with a Santander bank account but can use any German bank account as a billing account (check out this article for a comparison on the best German bank accounts). This directly brings us to one of the disadavantages of the Santander card: by default only 5% of the monthly bill are deducted from your bank account automatically. The rest you will have to transfer yourself. If not an interest rate of 13.16% p.a. applies, which is quite expensive. But as long as you transfer the money manually you’re absolutely fine with this credit card.

So as you can see, the Santander 1plus VISA card is definitely the best travel credit card! You can order it easily online via Santander Bank. In the following I have summarized the main advantages and disadvantages of this credit card:

   No foreign transaction fees – pay in any currency without paying fees
   Cash withdrawal free of charge – even ATM fees are refunded!
   1% discount on fuel (for up to 400€/month spent on fuel)
   No automatic deduction of monthly bill from bank account

And as always: should you have any further questions regarding the Santander card, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message.

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