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Spotlight on: Adam Riese Legal Insurance

Adam Riese: Legal insurance the easy way

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About Adam Riese

Adam Riese InsuranceAdam Riese is the digital brand of the Württembergische and the Wüstenrot Group (W&W Group), a traditional German insurance company whose history dates back to the year 1828. The brand “Adam Riese” is aimed at young customers who simply want to take out legal protection insurance online in just a few steps without any hassle. Their mission is about peace of mind and protection at particularly fair prices and the focus is on quality and digital service, from the initial application to the actual legal protection claim.They started their services in 2017 with private liability insurance. In the meantime, the Adam Riese legal protection insurance has also been added. Inspired by the father of modern computing, Adam Riese, the brand name was chosen to reflect the company’s philosophy of “Only what counts”.

Adam Riese Legal Protection – What’s in it for you?

Benefits of the Adam Riese Legal Protection

Adam Riese’s legal protection insurance policy starts at a price of approx. 15 EUR/month. They offer two different tariffs of the legal insurance: the L and the XL package. Furthermore you can choose for both tariffs whether the insurance covers only the area “Private, labor & traffic” or also the area “Residential & Real Estate”. All tariffs include free legal advice by phone and you can choose the lawyer freely and without any restrictions. Here’s a quick summary of the L and XL tariff:

Adam Riese Legal Protection L

  • Legal protection damages up to 1 Mio. EUR are insured
  • Legal protection claims are covered up to 100,000 EUR worldwide
  • Out-of-court settlement (mediation) is covered up to 3,000 EUR
  • Waiver of deductible up to 150 EUR after 3 years without claims
  • Disputes with landlord, property management, neighbors are included

Adam Riese Legal Protection XL

  • Legal protection claims are insured for an unlimited amount
  • Legal protection claims are covered up to 200,000 EUR worldwide
  • Out-of-court settlement (mediation) is covered up to 3,000 EUR
  • Waiver of deductible up to 150 EUR after 3 years without claims
  • Contract check for the examination of legal issues of private rental and employment contracts up to 250 EUR
  • Disputes with landlord, property management, neighbors are included

Waiting Period

Most legal protection insurers provide for a waiting period before insurance coverage takes effect. This is also true for the Adam Riese Legal Insurance, which has a waiting period of three months (depending on the type of claim). The Adam Riese legal protection insurance has a waiting period in the following areas:

  • Private and contractual legal protection
  • Professional legal protection (labor legal protection)
  • Residential and real estate legal protection

The waiting period does not apply in the case of a seamless transfer from a previous contract. Also, there is no waiting period for traffic legal protection.


Legal protection insurance from Adam Riese offers an optimal price-performance ratio and you can customize the insurance policy according to your needs. The application process is easy and everything can be settled without paper. Once you have taken out your insurance, you can conveniently manage your contract in the Adam Riese online portal.

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